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What is v8sharp?

v8sharp was started as a research project to see if it was possible to host Google's new V8 javascript engine from within Microsoft .NET. It could be used to create an extensibility model or application automation model that could be accessed via scripting technologies.

//types to register with v8sharp
namespace App
    class Point
        public Point() { }

        public Point(double x, double y) {
            this.X = x;
            this.Y = y;

        public double X { get; set; }
        public double Y { get; set; }

static class Program
    static void Main() {
        //registering with v8sharp
        V8Engine engine = V8Engine.Create();        
        //execute javascript
        object rtn = engine.Execute("new App.Point(10, 10);");

Getting Started

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